We have sought out volunteers and passionate people about our project but still require a fairly significant amount of resources. We intend to utilize both real school locations as well as design and build a set to examine the actual effects of deterrents. For example how easy it is to shoot through bullet proof glass, locked school doors, and various obstacles.  For our simulations we will use paintball guns that mimic real life weaponry (utilized by various law enforcement and military for training). We will also use real weaponry in field tests. Our volunteers of which we are looking at several hundred will require safety gear to avoid injury.  We have support from local law enforcement, local community leaders, and school officials and have a forensic pathologist on board.

The simple message of our project is: Our Children Deserve to be Safe at School.  Our project aims to look realistically at what can be done. We are striving to create a dialogue rather than debate and look at insight from both pro and anti-gun proponents.  Our simulations will examine proposed and applied deterrents and their effectiveness. We want from this generation on to not be afraid to go to school. We want our children to be safe. We want to stop hearing frequent horrific news stories about school shootings. Together we can make this a reality.
​We have minimized several of our risks involved with the simulated school shootings by involving local law enforcement and medical professionals. We continue to build more contacts with further schools and other law enforcement agencies in the nearby areas. Given the message and importance of our documentary we have be greatly appreciative of the amazing support and interest that professionals have already shown in our project and we believe strongly that will have an amazing team of contributors.

Our Project

Will Cloud Co-director
Will holds a degree in Philosophy with a focus on logic and morality and ethics, he also holds a minor in religious studies. He has earned graduate credits towards a Masters in social work. Will worked for several years as an investigator for child services working closely with schools and witnessing child trauma firsthand. Aside from this film he is also in the process of creating a non-profit that acts as a clearing house for various local service providers. Will has a history being actively involved politically and with a variety social issues, he has held positions as a union steward and as a district chair for a political party.  Will came up with the idea for this project, along with his social activism and social work history he provides a sense of guidance and balance to the project. 
"I've felt a calling to make things a little better in this world and hope this project can achieve that."
James Russell Co-Director
James has worked in the film industry for 15 years, both in front and behind the camera. Because of this he brings a vital amount of knowhow to the technical side of this project.  He is a gun owner and has been for most of his life. James currently has a teenage daughter in high school which is why he's so passionate about this project. His daughter’s 18th birthday was on February 14th, the day of the Parkland shooting. The following day a student brought an AR15 to her school, saying they were inspired by the Parkland shooter. James decided that it was time he do what he was good at to contribute to making a change. 
"This is not a liberal or conservative project. This is a 'keep our kids safe' project."
Cecilia Cherubini Asst. Director
Cecilia is  currently in college finishing up her degree in Intergraded Professional Studies in Arts, Entertainment, and Media. She has three younger siblings who are currently in middle and high school. Their schools have had to put in extra security measures due to the increase in school shootings, and this has made Cecilia feel as though it's time something changed. She brings a youthful exsuberence, anate attention to detail, and unmatched passion that the team has found vital to this project.

"I can't stand to watch any more people get hurt in a place that is meant to be about growing and learning. It's time something changed." 
David Perrodin PHD  Consulting Producer   

David Perrodin, PhD, worked twelve years as a Director of Student Services before exiting the profession to focus exclusively on researching school safety and high-stakes decision-making in conjunction with his doctoral dissertation at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
As an expert in safety preparedness and response, Dr. Perrodin has presented on public television, in school districts and at school safety conferences. He has access to the top safety specialists in the industry and works collaboratively with this talented network to bring unparalleled services to clients. In 2016, he partnered with Pulitzer Prize winning author and producer David Obst to write and direct a script involving an intruder in an elementary school setting.
David has entered his 14th year as a core faculty member with Viterbo University’s Educational Leadership Department and instructs aspiring administrators on the nuances of pupil nondiscrimination and school safety.
He currently works as a Speech-Language Pathologist / Therapy Department Chairperson at the Wisconsin School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and diligently promotes safe environments for children with visual impairments.
Associate Producer
Allan Engstrom is Studying at South Western Community college for business adminstration  and has 3 family members one neice 4 years old, one nephew 7 years old and one 10 years old. So, when he came across our project he reached out excited to help out in any way possible. He owns a website design company and brings knowledge of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content creating and a passion for the project. He will be instrumental in spreading our message and getting in front of as many eyes as possible, and creating as much informative content about the project.
Mira-Unity is a transatlantic partnership between 2 security companies who are passionate about working to keep people safe.  Training to prevent and prepare for active shooter events is one of our specialist services. Our team has a broad spectrum of experience in dealing with dynamic and traumatic events that has been accrued during decades of service in the military, law enforcement and government security. Mira-Unity programs are developed by combining experience with meticulous research and a full understanding of the risk that is to be managed. Our products are therefore evidence based and unclouded by political bias. Our neutrality, integrity and intellectual rigor is the reason that JASS approached us to work with them on this project. We are delighted to be involved in such an important, and potentially lifesaving, piece of work.
As our contribution to JASS we have agreed to waive our fees. We are excited at the prospect that this project will allow us to extend our extensive understanding of active shooter incidents and make a significant contribution to keeping our kids safe in school. If  you  are  interested  in  talking  to  us,  whether  for  some  informal advice  or  a  request  for  our  services,  please  feel  free  to  contact  us  at  @mira-unity,  [email protected] , or  view  our  website  Mira-Unity.com
Don’t  hesitate  - keeping  people  safe  is  what  we  do.

 Good  luck  to  everyone  involved  in  JASS  - it’s  an  honor  to  be  working  with  you  on  such  a  worthwhile  project.​